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29 Mar 17
Press Release
International Tourists to the European Union reach almost half a billion in 2016
Despite many challenges facing Europe in 2016, tourism has once again shown extraordinary strength and resilience, reinforcing its contribution to economic growth, job creation and social wellbeing...
24 Mar 17
Press Release
New technologies key for Europe’s tourism leadership
The meeting held on the morning of 24 March consisted of two sessions. The first focused on the concept of “smart mobility”, addressing the challenges of connectivity on the European continent and...
23 Mar 17
Press Release
Innovation and technology, keys to increasing the competitiveness and sustainability of tourism in Europe
Achieving more accessible, inclusive and sustainable tourism is one of the objectives of sectoral policies on the European continent, but also one of the challenges for Europe to remain competitive...
21 Feb 17
Press Release
Innovation, technology and sustainability - pillars of Smart Destinations
‘Smart destinations’ are key to sustainable development and contribute not only to advances in the tourism sector but also in societies at large. The use of technological solutions contributes...